Father's Day 2022: Gift Ideas He'll Love

June 08, 2022 3 min read

Father's Day 2022: Gift Ideas He'll Love


Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day and we’re here to help you do better for dad. Come on, we can all agree that dad’s usually get the shaft, compared to Mother’s Day, and hey, dear old dad would be the first to say he doesn’t care. But we do!

We want to help you give him a gift that says, “I get you, dad.” So, without further ado, we have made it easy for you to give dad a gift he’ll love to have and you can go on your merry way with the title of “Favorite Kid Ever!” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here’s our Father’s Day 2022 collection of gift ideas we think he’ll gush over. Get ready to fill up his cup with all kinds of love.


Ok, so this is the dad who’s quick with the popular dad joke. He can dish it out as good as he can receive it. This dad doesn’t take life too seriously, so whether he’s making you the butt of the joke, or can laugh at the fact that you wouldn’t be here if he didn’t, ahem, make that happen—he’s a dad we can’t help but laugh with and laugh at. He’s a good dad.

Our exclusive Dad Jokes Box Set is a fun collection of things your jokester pop will use, laugh at and proudly display. What a cut-up!


Who doesn’t love a dad that all other dad’s wish they were like? Well you do, because he’s YOUR dad! Maybe he’s a dad whose tats and awesome beard make your friends say, “Your dad doesn’t even look like a dad!” Ooh, or maybe he’s a dad who’s just so rad that when your friend’s dad sees him, he decides to get rid of the New Balance sneakers and get a better fitting t-shirt for once.


Our  World's Raddest Dad Gift Set could be the perfect complete gift for all things your dad. You know, rad! If that’s your dad. You’ve got a pretty great dad.



He knows the difference between a lager and an ale and will proudly explain that to you, in detail, what that all is. He loves himself a microbrewery and his pint glass collection is a clear indicator of how many he’s been to. So, our Surviving Fatherhood Gift Set is something he will totally get. Show pops you get he loves his hops…or maybe he isn’t into hops. Not sure…you might need to ask him what hops are—he’ll love that too.


We love a dad who is just all-around awesome. He’s all the good things—caring, cool, nerdy, funny and forever your best friend. He’s just the best dad ever, right?

Quite the list of ideas, right? We think we got you covered when it comes to gift ideas for dad’s day this year—from tumblers and cups to keychains and car coasters and so much more! Make his day a great one full of gifts and adoration, because, after all, he’s your dad and he helped make you! That’s pretty awesome right there. And give him a good ‘ole “Hip Hip Horray” from us too.