Summer Vibes Coming at You

June 03, 2022 2 min read

Summer Vibes Coming at You

The sun isn’t the only thing heating things up this summer. We’ve got some hot things up our sleeve with our new All Things Summer collection landing this May! We want to make sure you look good as you head out for the season—what you sip, what you wear and everything else you take with you under the sun.

From drinkware and tees to undeniably awesome accessories, we’re making it a breeze to stay cool. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come and what you’ll want to get first in line for when they drop.



We’re so happy to bring this fun collection to you, as it’s a first-of-its-kind summer list of goodies we’ve ever released. Yay!

And how about those badass tumblers we’ve designed to help you stay cool and look cool while doing it? We’re obsessed with these beauties and have some great ideas for what you can put in them too! Make sure to bookmark this one—here are our top 5 favorite summer drinks to sip on poolside or wherever you are.

1. Mama’s Mojito (alcoholic)

A classic Cuban delight featuring fresh mint, lime juice, rum, simply syrup and soda water. Enjoy the yumminess while drinking it from this fun gal.

2. Aperol Spritz (alcoholic)

So many interesting tastes to quench your summer thirsts in this citrusy classic. Get yourself some Prosecco or champagne, Aperol, soda water (not tonic water) and a juicy orange and say hello to summer. We think it’d taste even better from this beauty.

3. Virgin Piña Colada (non-alcoholic)

Here’s something everyone can enjoy in the summer shade. Grab some coconut milk and some pineapple juice and you’ve got yourself a spiffy drink. Top it with a pineapple slice and that’s just summer ready to be sipped! And we think sipping it in this gorgeousness is a great idea! 

4. Classic Margarita

Ok, now this has summer all over it. Whether you like it on ice or frozen, you just need to get your favorite tequila and add your lime, rum and give the rim a good salty kiss! Pour it in this new tumbler and you are owning it under the sun!

5. Vodka Spritzer

It’s hard to put a drink down when it’s this deliciously refreshing! A quintessential summer drink, we just love its fruity flavors. Pick up some vodka, soda water, cranberry juice, simple syrup, strawberries and lemon and you’ve got it all, my friend. Don’t forget to add a cute new vessel to drink it from, too!


Ok, who’s ready to get their shades out and slather on the sunscreen? We’re right there with you and hope our new All Things Summer collection has sparked some sizzling ideas. We tip our sunhat to you and hope it’s a great one. And be sure to check out the new collection!